Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Emergency Medicine Subinternship

Clerkship Overview


Rotations in the emergency department at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center are 4 weeks in duration for all visiting students; UCLA students can elect for a 3- or 4-week rotation, but for those who plan to pursue a career in emergency medicine are encouraged to participate in the 4-week rotation to get the most exposure possible. Subinterns must be able to attend orientation on the first day of the rotation to ensure you have the proper badges and computer training prior to starting your shifts.



During orientation, we will have simulation exercises for you to get in the mindset of emergency medicine as well as to teach common presentations and management.



We have brand-new ultrasound machines in our emergency department, and lots of them! We will train you to acquire and interpret basic bedside ultrasound images which you can further hone during your rotation.


Unembalmed Cadaver Lab

Depending on availability, we will have a 2-day unembalmed / lightly-embalmed cadaver procedure lab, where you will learn to do the essential procedures of our specialty. We practice intubation, laceration repair, chest tubes, resuscitative thoracotomy, lateral canthotomy, arthrocentesis, central venous catheterization, intraosseous access, and more!


EMS Ride-Along

One day will be spent on an EMS ride-along so you can observe what happens before the patient gets to the emergency department.


Nursing Shift

You will shadow a nurse for one shift and help them start IVs, draw blood, attach patient monitors, place Foley catheters, and be able to see what our busy emergency department is like from the perspective of our nursing staff!


Weekly Conferences

You will join our residents for our weekly Thursday didactic conferences. The residents have protected time (the attendings staff the ED during this time) to help build their core emergency medicine knowledge.


Application and Performance Review

The clerkship director offers an optional meeting to all medical students for one-on-one rotation performance and application feedback. It is suggested to meet with Dr. Pedigo during your rotation if you are interested in a SLOE.

1000 West Carson Street, Building D-9, Torrance, CA 90502

(310) 222-3501

About Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center was established in 1978 and has devoted itself to providing high-quality emergency medical care to the residents of the South Bay area of Los Angeles.