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Emergency Medicine Subinternship



CDEM Curriculum (www.cdemcurriculum.com/m4/)

The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine have put together a reading curriculum that captures the most common conditions that a subintern would encounter during their emergency medicine subinternship. It is highly recommended to review these during your rotation to help build your knowledge base in EM.


EM Basic (www.embasic.org)

EM Basic is a great resource to hear podcasts of basic "approach to (symptom/complaint)" lectures as well as some core content. If you have a commute or need something to listen to at the gym or while running errands, this is a great way to fill that time.


emDocs (www.emdocs.net)

One of our faculty members Manpreet Singh works on this website which gives you great management pearls on everything EM-related.


Pediatric Emergency Playbook (www.pemplaybook.org)

A pediatric EM-based podcast made by our very own Tim Horeczko! If you're interested honing your critical pediatric management, a great resource to go to.


WikEM (www.wikem.org)

WikEM is a great point-of-care reference when on a shift -- it was also developed at Harbor! Download it to your phone (we have WiFi in the ED!) and use it to look up important information before presenting your patient. A "must-have" app in the emergency department.


There are many other resources out there -- our specialty has an outstanding online presence with Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM / FOAMed). If you found any resources to be very helpful during your rotation, please let us know and we can add it to the website!

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About Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center was established in 1978 and has devoted itself to providing high-quality emergency medical care to the residents of the South Bay area of Los Angeles.