The Clinical Research Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA is a rigorous two-year clinical research fellowship training program. The fellowship director is Amy Kaji, MD, PhD who is also a graduate of this fellowship, but under the mentorship of Roger J Lewis, MD, PhD. During her research fellowship, she achieved her PhD in epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health and gained expertise in study design and research methods. Supporting faculty include Dr. Lewis, whose expertise includes the statistical design and analysis of clinical and translational research studies, adaptive and Bayesian clinical trial design, health services research, and the protection of human subjects in clinical research. Other supporting faculty include Kabir Yadav, MD MS, whose methodological expertise includes clinical informatics and clinical and translational research, in addition to patient-centered outcomes research; Ross Fleischman, MD, MCR, whose expertise includes clinical informatics, trauma, appendicitis, and working with large databases; Juliana Tolles, MD, MS, who has expertise in a diverse range of statistical methods and adaptive clinical trials; Kelly D. Young, MD, MS, MSHS, whose expertise includes pediatric emergency medicine and pain management; and Mohsen Saidinejad, MD, MBA, FAPP, whose expertise includes pediatrics, asthma, and patient centered outcomes research and the evaluation of the patient experience using technology. Additional faculty have active research programs in emergency ultrasound, cardiac resuscitation, medical education, and patient safety research.

Curriculum/Fellowship Requirements           


Since the primary focus of the fellowship is on gaining practical skills and knowledge related to the design and analysis of clinical research studies, you will be expected to define, initiate, and complete one or two projects in this area within the 24-month duration of the fellowship. The definition of these projects, the identification of methods for their completion, and the criteria by which their completion will be judged, will be between you and your primary mentors (Drs. Lewis and Kaji).  We would encourage you to consider completing an MPH or MS degree at the UCLA School of Public Health or equivalent. During the second year, you will be expected to complete their project and prepare and submit one or more first-authored manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals.  During the second year, you may also attend other educational programs, such as those associated with the CTSI at Harbor-UCLA and UCLA Westwood.

Clinical Duties

You will be expected to provide approximately 20 hours per week of direct clinical supervision in the adult and pediatric emergency departments at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, generally consisting of eight 8-hour shifts per month. These shifts will occur in the Adult Emergency Department or in the Pediatric Emergency Department, depending on Departmental needs.  During these clinical shifts, you will be responsible for the education and supervision of medical students and resident physicians, as well as providing direct patient care, as appropriate.  You will also evaluate medical students and physicians that you have supervised.

Administrative and Teaching Duties           

You will have no administrative duties above and beyond those associated with the fellowship projects mentioned above. Your teaching responsibilities will consist of the preparation of one “grand rounds” presentation, to be delivered to the Department during normally scheduled conferences. In addition, you will be expected to occasionally teach interns and medical students rotating through the Department during their noon lecture series.

Other Responsibilities

You will be expected to comply with all requirements for membership in the Professional Staff Association (PSA) of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. A copy of the bylaws will be provided upon request.


Employee Status

Your status will be as an employee of Los Angeles County. The Harbor-UCLA Department of Emergency Medicine will recommend your appointment as a Clinical Instructor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Appointments at the University are dependent upon approval by the School of Medicine Committee on Appointments and Promotions and the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Salary and Compensation

Your salary for the first year of fellowship is set by the County of Los Angeles for the position associated with the fellowship, plus benefits. Limited additional funds for educational expenses, travel to scientific meetings, etc. will be made available as well. If you decide to pursue a degree at the UCLA School of Public Health, the Department will provide tuition support for one year of study, to be used for educational expenses at the UCLA School of Public Health.

Support to be Provided

You will be provided with a shared office with a connection to the internet and to the departmental network and office equipment.

The fellowship is open to recent graduates of accredited emergency medicine residency programs who wish to pursue a full-time academic career focusing on clinical and translational research.

For the application, please provide the following to Dr. Amy Kaji:

  1. A curriculum vitae as an electronic attachment
  2. Names and telephone numbers for three (3) references


Amy Kaji, M.D., Ph.D.
Interim Chair
Professor of Clinical Medicine
(424) 306-5411

Roger Lewis, M.D., Ph.D, FACEP
Chair Emeritus
Professor of Medicine-in-Residence