Developed by our very own Dr. Ross Donaldson, WikEM is the world’s largest emergency medicine open-access reference resource. It is a wiki-based medical website and point-of-care phone application for emergency medicine clinicians.


Developed by our very own Dr. Tom Fadial, Ddxof is a compilation of cases based on real patients, each inspiring an algorithm for the evaluation and management of their chief complaint or diagnosis.


Developed by our very own Dr. Manny Singh while he was still a resident, this website and podcast provides a truly current resource for the rapidly developing field of emergency medicine. A proud subscriber to the free, open-access medical education initiative, this site’s goal is to inform the global EM community with timely and high yield content about what providers like YOU are seeing and doing everyday in your local ED. At this time it is ranked number 5 in FOAMED sites, and received the ALIEM Most Innovative Blog Award.

Pediatric Emergency Playbook

Developed by our very own Dr. Tim Horeczko, this website and podcast demystifies the emergency care of infants and children. Dr. Horeczko shares tricks, tips, and lessons learned with the intention of creating a community where we can all grow and improve for those who need us the most. This resource covers foundational topics as well as more rare presentations in an enjoyably digestible podcast and online format.


Developed by our very own Dr. Kelly Young, this website is your source for all things pediatric emergency medicine. The website includes links to on-shift resources and PEM FOAM sites, as well as algorithms, guidelines, and the evidence behind it all. A lovely one-stop shop for everything you need to care for emergent pediatric conditions. There’s even bonus time management content for busy EM practitioners.

LA Peds Ready

Developed by our own Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad, and with partial funding from the Hospital Preparedness Program, the LA Peds Ready website is a FOAM resource toolkit aimed at providing educational content and resources for providers of pediatric emergency care, particularly those in rural and resource-poor areas. It has robust tracking analytics that optimize engagement by healthcare providers and healthcare consumers alike.