Curriculum and Educational Opportunities

A strong combination of didactics and hands-on experience

First year pediatric residency-trained fellows start with a 2 week EM orientation alongside the EM R2s, including procedure labs, trainings, and a few ED shifts

Harbor ED months are half ED / half research, so fellows can maintain continuity in both gaining clinical PEM skills and in progress on their research / scholarly project (10 PED shifts per month + 2 in adult ED for EM residency-trained fellows)

Fellows in the second and third years graduate in responsibility to a supervising fellow role in the Harbor ED, running the PED with direct supervision available from adult ED attendings and indirect supervision available from PEM faculty

There is ample time to explore interests such as EMS, Med Ed, Social EM, Simulation, Research, Administration, and a PEM-US dual fellowship track is available

Dedicated Core Conference

  • We meet twice a month for protected PEM-dedicated conference time
  • Fellows present (with a faculty mentor) for 8 conferences as part of a 2-year comprehensive systems-based core curriculum and short imaging interpretation topic
  • As part of the core curriculum we follow along in readings in our fellowship-provided textbook, but we believe in adult self-paced learners, so for our core conferences we strive to focus on advanced or controversial or hands-on procedure-related aspects in an interactive and engaging fashion – no boring powerpoints!
  • The remainder of the years’ conference time includes simulation sessions, workshops, and guest lecturers – Harbor is fortunate to have several nationally recognized PEM speakers as faculty
  • We include frequent board review sessions, as well as ECG, toxicology, and Derm cases
  • We include a comprehensive biostatistics curriculum as part of our conference schedule
  • Harbor has a multi-room well-equipped Simulation Center located in our old Operating Rooms

Sim Center

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Additional Conferences and Educational Opportunities

  • We have a combined Departments of EM & Pediatrics case-based grand rounds three times per year
  • We have a combined PEM conference with CHOC PEM and UCI EM 3-4 times per year
  • Dept of EM residency conferences on Thursday mornings provide great learning for pediatrics residency-trained fellows and a way to keep up to date on adult EM topics for EM residency-trained fellows. Our fellows also present on a PEM topic to the EM residents twice a year
  • Certification in PALS, NRP, and ATLS, and Base Station Hospital physician training are provided
  • The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation on Harbor’s campus provides free biostatistics and research design seminars
  • Monthly research meeting in Dept of EM reviews projects, gives feedback and advice on study design and data analysis, mentors in writing and submitting abstracts
  • HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Training) for multi-casualty incidents available
  • Annual Disaster Drill

  • As part of fellowship, all fellows give two grand rounds style 25-minute PEM lectures as part of EM residency conference
  • Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine welcome didactics from our fellows
  • Assist our faculty in teaching emergency procedures to UCLA medical students in cadaver labs
  • We teach at Paramedic Training Institute on topics such as pediatric airway management and pediatric assessment
  • Several of our fellows have been invited to speak regionally at local hospitals, EDAP courses, and even nationally and internationally