The residents of Harbor-UCLA are supported by our strong union CIR (Committee for Interns and Residents) This union represents the interest of residents and fellows throughout the year and advocates in contract negotiations with Los Angeles County. CIR has fought for the incredible housestaff benefits below and functions to improve patient care, housestaff well-being, and workplace safety. CIR works to raise the standard across the country for medical training and actively advocates for health justice for all.


Briefly, the salary starts at roughly $70,000 with a significant increase per PGY year. We are paid bi-weekly.

Link to our recently renegotiated contract (2022)

PGY LevelYearly Salary after 10/1/2022Yearly Salary after 10/1/2023 Yearly Salary after 10/1/2024

Additional financial benefits in your negotiated contract:

  • Housing stipend: A $10,000 per year housing allowance has been recently negotiated to offset the cost of housing in Los Angeles.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Bilingual residents may also receive an additional $1,200 per year ($100/month) as a bonus.
  • Intern Advancement Bonus: One time educational bonus of $2,000 at the start of the second year of training (paid on August 15th payday).
  • CIR Professional Education Bonus: A CIR provided professional educational bonus of $1,180 per year is available. This money also rolls over to the following year. Below are examples of what this bonus can be used to purchase.
  • One-time relocation/”welcome” bonus $500 for new hires
  • Unused sick days: Sick days that are not taken may be partially converted into additional pay.
  • Insurance options
    • In addition, a stipend is provided to purchase various types of insurance (e.g., health, dental, disability, life, vision).
    • Access to health savings accounts.
  • Meals
    • Cafeteria: Three meals per day are provided in the Doctor’s Cafeteria free of charge. Off hours meals are in a fridge in the Doctor’s lounge.
    • Off Site meal reimbursement: “The County will reimburse [county-paid] residents, not to exceed $27.00 per day, for resident physicians on rotations outside of Los Angeles County facilities if meals are not provided by the host hospital.” —Excerpt from the current CIR MOU.
  • Call rooms
    • Call rooms are available 24/7 for ED residents to sleep in.
  • Rides home
    • Ride-Share Reimbursement: Too tired to drive home? Call rooms are available as noted above and reimbursement is provided for any ride share service, provided by CIR and the Department of Emergency Medicine.
  • Doctor’s Lounge
    • Access to private lounge complete with ping pong table, refrigerator, microwave, seating.
  • Scrubs and white coats
    • Scrubs and white coats are provided to residents, and can be exchanged/ laundered at no cost.
  • Employer-matched 401(k)/Pension:
    • Employer-matched 401(k): A percentage of your salary can be contributed to a retirement plan with 100% employer matching.
  • Access to $990,000 annually for patient care fund items for Harbor UCLA
  • Access to $300,000 in funding and biostatistician support of QI projects
  • Access to Rosetta Stone for free through CIR
  • Chief resident bonus ($3,900)
  • Annual American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly
    • Sponsored attendance for all fourth year residents
  • Paid membership by the residency to ACEP/EMRA that includes EMRAP, EB Medicine, access to awards/scholarships and so much more
  • Rosh Review covered by the residency program for your PGY4 year as an adjunct to Board Review preparation
  • Retreat
    • Every year the entire residency program gets a full weekend of protected time off to spend at UCLA Bruin Woods to relax and bond!